Well, welcome to my site... and well now I don't know what else to say... so enjoy.


G-books signs: Minkle's Realm


Well, new layout. I couldn't help myself. Sango is one of my favorite Anime characters. So I just fell in love with this layout. All links are working however what wasn't up before... really isn't but it does look better than it did before. And if you think about it, that's all that really matters.
Well don't mind me, if things seem down. I'm changing the layout but since I've got everything done, I only have to upload it. So that might take sometime! ^-^

Some fan stuff added today. Other than that not much. But I'm getting there!

Not much has gone up yet, I'm still working on it. So really there's just links that lead nowhere and this page. But I'm working on it!